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RF Explorer

RF Explorer- RF Wireless COMM.& GPS device is outdoor electronics of interconnected system and device, applied Lora wireless communication technologies to transmit Satellite Navigation - Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as device ID, status, and other information.

In the absence of network or signal coverage, long-distance and multi-node hopping transmission can be achieved. If anyone encounters an accident, other team members can locate the specific position of the individual promptly for swift rescue operations.

It is designed for the needs of communication and positioning in various outdoors such as hiking, trekking, mountaineering, expedition, overland adventure, trail bike trip, cross-country skiing, tour guide team, safety patrol operation, rescue team, and others.

The features of RF Explorer :
1. Precise Positioning
2. No Signal Restrictions
3. Route Tracking
4. Safety and Security
5.10km Maximum Transmission Distance
6. Multi-hop Routing Network
7. G-Sensor
8. Buzzer
9. Temperature Sensor
10. 72 Hours Battery Backup
11. IP67 Dust Waterproof Rating (Completed hardware upgrade in September 2024. )
12. Directions and Navigation
13. Group Circle
14. APP Control
15. Calling Feature (In development. Expected to launch in Dec 2024.)

The Diversity of Application Scenarios for Outdoors: 

  1. Hiking and Trekking
  2. Mountaineering Expedition
  3. Trail Bike Trip
  4. Cross-country/Alpine skiing
  5. Overland Adventure
  6. Tour Guide team management
  7. Safety Patrol operation

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