About Us


The EverblissGreen Group founded in 2003 has dedicated several decades to the research and development, design, and manufacture of semiconductor process equipment, and product design. Since 2013 EverblissGreen has extended to outdoor electronics and renewable energy products through the capability of innovative and human-centered design as well as sophisticated production. Our commitment is to a sustainable future of humanity for our earth.  


  • 2003年  EVERBLISS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. 長禔工業股份有限公司 
  • 2017年  EVERBLISS GREEN CO., LTD. 恆暘股份有限公司 
  • 2018年  CHONGQING EVERBLISS GREEN CO., LTD. 重庆恒旸绿科技有限公司 
  • 2022年  EVERBLISS GREEN OUTDOOR CO., LTD. 恆暘戶外科技股份有限公司


    Committed to a Sustainable Future of humanity.

    With down-to-earth manufacturing experience and creative design capabilities on green tech, we keep contribute our commitments to a sustainable future of humanity for our earth.


    Design and manufacture the influential green tech products for the sustainable future of humanity.

    EverblissGreen is powered by the innovative and human-centered design and production on green tech, focusing on the research, development and design of semiconductor process equipment , and product design, as well as outdoor RF( radio- frequency)versatile devices and renewable energy products, keep enhancing our commitment to a sustainable future for our earth.


    Innovation, Functionality, Reliability, Sustainability

    Explore the deep knowledge and understanding of the nature and meaning of the universe and life with our expert knowledge.

    Sustainability and innovative products

    Nowadays, people usually use various mobile electronic products in their daily life. From riding a bike to outdoor sports and even to suburban areas for long-distance travel, they will use smart phones, car navigation, driving recorder and other auxiliary electronic products on their way. Therefore, the power required to mobile 3C has become a topic of concern.

    Today, Everbliss Green's portable solar product is the functionable solution to this problem.

    Whether in Yanhai Road, Desert, Alpine or Forest, as long as the sun is shining, our products can supply electricity to all kinds of 3C products.

    With the promotion of awareness of protecting the earth and greening, the 21st century is an era of green energy and environmental protection. Avoiding the use of batteries as far as possible is a green action that can be implemented. The ultimate goal of green energy life is to recycle or use renewable energy. When people arrange leisure activities in suburbs, mountains or seashore, they often have a mobile phone. In the absence of a municipal power supply, there is no other way to charge the battery besides carrying multiple mobile power supplies.

    If there are portable solar panels on outdoor appliances as a source of electricity, not only can the use of mobile power be reduced in environmental protection, but also can carry more mobile outdoor electronic products, such as outdoor lighting equipment, field mosquito repellent lamps, field fans, etc., in order to create more outdoor life fun, not to worry about power-free time and get lost contact with the outside world.