Thanks for participating in 2024 Taiwan Tree Climbing Championship (TWTCC)🏆

Thanks for participating in 2024 Taiwan Tree Climbing Championship (TWTCC)🏆

 Everbliss Green is honored to participate in this event to support our brand. We hope to give more people the opportunity to get close to trees, understand them, and learn how to treat them kindly. We believe in "Better Trees, Better People," which contributes to the sustainable development of the Earth. During this event, the organizers have arranged three activities in the event promotion area for the public to participate in for free: tree climbing experience, tree canopy walk, and a fun obstacle course. These activities allow participants to experience the joy of climbing and working in trees like athletes and to establish a wonderful connection with trees, feeling the vitality of the tree canopy layer.


🌳 What is Taiwan Tree Climbing Championship?

To raise awareness about trees and understand the importance of caring for them, the Taiwan Arbor Day Festival, themed "Better Trees, Better People," has been held for several years. The event took place in Taichung Park from March 9th to 10th, 2024. The festival provided opportunities for the public to participate in tree climbing experiences, allowing them to touch and get close to trees firsthand, fostering a sense of appreciation. With nearly a thousand attendees, the event aimed to support the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and promote proper tree conservation practices. The championship event attracted nearly 200 volunteers from Taiwan and Hong Kong, along with 50 international arborists and tree climbers from 9 countries, who competed in various categories including ascent, work climb, rescue, throwline, speed climb, and a master's competition showcasing comprehensive tree climbing skills. 



🌳What is Tree Climbing?

Tree climbing is different from climbing trees to pick fruits in the countryside during childhood. Tree climbing involves using a rope system along with the coordination of limbs and the strength of hands and feet to ascend safely to the canopy of trees, often more than 10 meters above the ground. The breathtaking view from above resembles that of birds soaring in the sky. Whether sitting on a branch, feeling the wind brushing against the branches, listening to the rustle of leaves, one can sense the vibrant vitality of the trees. At the same time, one can observe the rich ecological diversity within the canopy layer.

🌳Why would tree climbers (arborists) be needed?

The primary job of tree climbers is tree pruning. In urban areas in Taiwan, there are many trees referred to as "urban forests." These trees require regular pruning to ensure they do not pose a risk to humans and to promote healthy growth. However, improper mechanical cutting can lead to tree death. Therefore, many trees require the expertise of tree climbers to perform pruning safely and effectively.


🌳What are the essential equipment for "tree climbers"?

Essential equipment for tree climbers includes safety harnesses, ropes, safety helmets, RF Wireless COMM. & GPS devices, and others with different functions. These tools ensure the safety of tree workers, and in case of accidents such as fainting or falling, the RF Wireless COMM. & GPS. device is equipped with a built-in danger sensing function. If the wearer remains motionless for several seconds, the device emits a warning sound to the group, facilitating rescue by other colleagues.


🌳Every tree deserves to be well cared for, and every tree worker deserves a better life. 🌳

Hopefully more people could join this meaningful crew to protect and love our trees to maintain the sustainable future for our earth and people, that is exactly our value and design philosophy of Everybliss Green.

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