Manual single-sided exposure machine

Manual single-sided exposure machine

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1000W ultra-high pressure mercury lamp (applicable model is ARC 1000W/D)

Manual Single-sided Exposure Machine

5-inch single-sided manual exposure machine

Manual single-sided exposure machine

Five-inch single-sided manual exposure machine

■ Exposure light source :

  • 1000W ultra-high-pressure mercury lamp (ARC 1000W/D
    is available), exposure uniformity within ±3%

■ Alignment Imaging System :

  • Industrial microscope, 30/10x two magnification switchable zoom

■ Operating procedures :

  • PLC semi-automatic operation system, 1. material sheet using suction
    cups under the microscope to absorb the photomask graphic pairs 2.
    put the suction cups into the conveyor table and press the start button
    to transport to the photomask box exposure


■ Productivity :

  • Alignment process (according to the operator's skill level), familiar with
    the operation of the operator, about 200 pieces per hour (according to
    the operator's skill level)


■ External dimensions

  • W: 1600  x L. 900 x H. 1250 mm


■ Weight :

  • Weight about 140kg