INFINITY hard-shell solar backpack wins iF 2022

INFINITY hard-shell solar backpack wins iF 2022

INFINITY hard-shell solar backpack wins iF product design award in Germany

We've won an award!


After winning the 2021 ROEHL Air Purifier, the INFINITY hard-shell solar backpack has won the 2022 iF product design award in Germany again!


 iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 | INFINITY solar backpack

Project Info:


About iF Design Award

One of the world's most prestigious international awards, started in 1953 in Germany, the birthplace of modern design as represented by Bauhaus.


| Design Concept |


INFINITY is a hard-shell solar backpack, designed for urban commuters and outdoor users, to solve the problem of power supply during outdoor activities. It combines the hidden compressed space for different needs also gives users high performance and high freedom of use.


| Exterior Design |

The clean and streamlined appearance embodies the advantages of the soft panel. Thin appearance, water- and weatherproof lightweight shell protect the solar panel and its contents to extend the life cycle. It also provides excellent nighttime safety with reflective materials. 


| Function |

INFINITY, highly efficient solar power, can through trepan of the outer frame recognize generation status. The compressed space only pulls the zipper to release large capacity immediately. The ergonomic carrying system greatly reduces the discomfort of users when carrying heavy.


| Differentiation |

Different from the past solar backpacks, INFINITY is to respond the function of streamlined appearance is clean and avant-garde. Lining and hidden pockets design make it intuitive and with no burden to use. Fully showing high protection and functionality of excellent experience.



| Impact |

INFINITY uses fabrics and plastics that comply with environmental standards and recycling standards as production materials and combines renewable energy to achieve the goal of energy and environmental sustainability.



| Design Notes |

INFINITY solar backpack solves the power supply for users when outdoor activities. Clean and avant-garde hard-shell structure, high-efficiency charging, large capacity, multi-functional lining, night safety reflective textile, ergonomic cushion to provide users maximum functionality, protection, safety. In manufacturing, we use highly recyclable and low-pollution materials to provide users with a clean, peace of mind, comfortable sustainable outdoor experience.



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