Everbliss Green mobile solar panel in Himalayas

Everbliss Green mobile solar panel in Himalayas
The major power source on this trip only relied on a mobile solar panel. The reason I got the solar panel application in the first place was that I will need a power source while spend long time on hiking outdoor on this travel.
I learnt that people on Himalayas use solar panel mostly from last trip to Annapurna. However, when the command is large, the voltage won’t be enough to satisfy everyone. Additionally, it’s a safer way to have a backup power source in any long-distance journey.

The equipment which I get with me are one Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera, one knockoff Gopro, two cell phones and two urine collection bags,

along with one triaxial stabilizer. I only use once the charged power from hotel. You get it right; all power source is not free on the EBC trip. It costs around 200 rupees for charging a cell phone and about 300 rupees for a general power bank.

I cannot wait for the first testing on the solar panel application, so I plugged in the cable from solar panel into the cell phone when I was transferring in Kunming.

The cell phone was left at the window.

White cable was my charging one for the cell phone, and the black one came with the solar panel with USB connector.

Zoom in photo showed the cell phone was charging.

The testing confirmed that the solar panel was working well. So I tie it on top of my backpack in order to charge my device while walking around.

The panel is soft, therefore it’s fine to bend it slightly. Front face of it is waterproof. Besides, the panel comes with a net bag; the charging performance of the solar panel isn’t affected with the net bag.

It’s super hot when I reached Somale.

The solar panel was standing up facing the sun and the power bank was next to it. I just let them charge outdoor like that.

Net bag and logo.

Red LED lit up while accepting sunshine; it’s easy to recognize if it’s working.

In the sunny days like this, my cell phone is under the full-charged condition entire day by the solar panel. The only time I use the charged source was when I was walking in the valley few days in a row; because of trees’ blocking most of the sunshine from charging.

Everbliss Green mobile solar panel at Khumbu Glacier.

Close look of Everbliss Green Solar panel and Lhotse.

Coming back from Everest Base Camp to Lobuche; trace of battle.



Transforming rate is highly affected on the area of solar panel which accepting light. For my experience, electricity gained, if the affective area is smaller than a A4 paper, will not be enough for a cell phone. There are many solar power banks, with the size of a urine collection bag, made in China on the market. I figure that those solar power banks won’t help me after knowing the transforming rate.

This is my experience sharing with you all. Wish you have a more eco-friendly life. Thank you!

The solar panel company information:

Everbliss Green


Author: ERIK

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